Video Content Subscription

We don't believe in just a one-off corporate video. We continuously contribute to your video marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Save costs on advertising agencies, content marketing agencies, or FTE's & equipment.
No more varying high costs for your video productions, but a competitive, fixed rate per month.

With our video content subscription we second experienced professionals, including high-end equipment, who advise and produce video content on a weekly basis.

With the goal of producing videos that will deliver you results.

Fixed Competitive pricing

Always up-to-date content

Result Driven


More than just video 

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, where video is often the most effective weapon of choice. 
We master video production in all areas; with over 10 years of experience in producing corporate films, product videos, case videos, social video as well as drone videos and livestreaming.

But we don't limit ourselves to just video.
We also have the expertise and equipment to produce photography & podcasts.
We use everything necessary to achieve your goals.


Video Production





  • Corporate video
  • Product video
  • Service video
  • Case video
  • Event Video
  • Video Presentation
  • Training video
  • Video message
  • News video / vlog
  • TV Commercial
  • Online Commercial
  • YouTube serie
  • Interview
  • Recruitment video
  • Q&A Video
  • Livestream presentation
  • Livestream meeting
  • Livestream training
  • Portret Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Newsletter Photography
  • Project Photography
  • Employee Photography
  • Before/After Photography
  • News Podcast
  • Thought leadership Podcast
  • Interview / Talkshow Podcast
  • Customer Story Podcast
  • Recruitment Podcast
  • Industry Leader Podcast
  • Drone Photography
  • Drone video
  • Drone Inspection
  • Video Training
  • Photography Training
  • Vlog Training

A subscription that pays off



2 days a month 

±1 video / production per month

FullHD film equipment

Basic light, & sound equipment


*First 3 months, then €1850,- p/m

4 days a month (1 p/w)

±2-4 videos / productions per month

UltraHD Film equipment

Standard light & sound equipment

Drone recording

Livestream equipment

30% off for additional equipment

Perfect Storm


8 days a month

±4-8 videos / productions per month

UltraHD Film equipment

Extensive light & sound equipment

Drone recording

Additional (second) camera

Livestream equipment

50% off on additional equipment

Subscriptions run for 3 months.
Please reach out for a tailor-made plan that best suits your organisation.
Feel free to contact us!

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