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Nowadays, the use of video is about much more than just having a company film made. Not only for your marketing strategy, but for all your internal & external communication, video is the best way to reach and convince your target audience.

With over 10 years of experience in video production, we have already been able to deliver numerous corporate films, social videos, event videos, commercials, livestreams and countless other video productions with a focus on results.

Whether it's on demand video production, or continuously working on your video strategy through our Video Content Abonnement   - we like to think about what video can achieve for you.

Because a beautiful video is good, a video that yields some even better.


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Video Subscription

Fixed competitive pricing

No more high, unpredictable costs for your video content. We use fixed and transparent pricing based on your needs.

Always actual

We advise on your video marketing, create a video content plan and second filmmakers on a weekly basis so that we can quickly respond to your actual needs.

Result Driven

We don’t just make a corporate movie or case video, we look at which type of video works best for achieving your goals.

The Power of Video

With our result driven approach, we always start with the goal in mind.
Each production starts with one question:

"What do you want to achieve?"

That can be anything; increase sales, reach a wider audience, get higher in Google, save time, increase customer satisfaction, or finding the right staff.
For all these goals, research has shown that video marketing can achieve great results.

We make the goals specific, link them to measurable data on the basis of which we propose a video content plan.


Our goal is to help you move forward.
Video is our main and most powerful tool, but we don't limit ourselves to it.

In addition to producing video, we have the experience and equipment for photography and producing podcasts.

We use everything necessary to achieve the best result.

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What can I do for you?

With over 10 years of experience in the video production world as a cameraman, director & producer I've had the opportunity to work on the most awesome commercials & corporate films for countless big brands and companies.

But the best part for me is to see what video can have an impact and how it can help people and businesses.
With that in mind, I founded Striking Video.
I always like to have a chat about what video can do for you.

Feel free to call, email or whatsapp me! 

Tom Castricum
Owner | Producer - Striking Video


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